Forest Bathing

Experience presence in a green cathedral of trees.
I view forests as therapeutic landscapes. It has been shown that forest environments lower blood pressure, boost the immune system and assist in reducing depression. Working with the forest as a partner, we will immerse ourselves in the alternate worlds of sound, feeling, taste, seeing and smells. I will guide you through heart-centered exercises to balance, release and integrate your inner world. It will change the way you interact with all of Nature.

Mystical Realms of Shamanism

Enter the Worlds of Plants & Animals
Shift your reality by journeying to the world of plants and animals. Drum, click sticks, rattles will be employed to assist you in entering a multi-verse where you might meet your Power Animal in the Lower World or Spirit Guide in the Upper World!!

Sacred Earth Walk

The Healing Power of Sedona
Experience the healing power of Sedona as you walk through red rocks and juniper pine woodland. A variety of experiences are in store for you, including working with trees, going back in geologic time, and learning how the Ancient Ones used the native plants.

Mystical Journey through the Labyrinth

Lose Yourself to Find Yourself
Learn how to use the labyrinth to institute changes in your life, health, job, finances. Experience the release that the labyrinth can evoke in your life, and regain stillness and centeredness.

We will discuss the history of labyrinths and methods of use. A labyrinth must be experienced, so our focus will be on ways to walk the labyrinth. Your experience will be your own. We will share our insights, journal, and enter into sacred space where we can hear, feel, or sense the universal web connecting us.

Intuitive Rock Seeing

Utilizing Energy of Rocks to Answer Questions
This experience involves the ancient technique of seeing into rocks and utilizing the energy of the rock to discern answers to questions. We will experience rocks as our teachers and transformational tools to assist us in overcoming fears and difficulties.

Qi Gong-Healing with Sound and Movement

Ancient Chinese Wisdom for Healing
Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese tradition that relieves stress, increases energy, and builds stamina and focus. Whereas Tai Chi is a form of slowed-down martial arts and can be challenging to learn, Qi Gong is a system of wellness that can be adapted to your own level of physical ability.

Movements designed to open your own healing pathways in your body, and healing sounds that assist organs to find their balance will be taught as well as different meditations. The Five Sacred Elements may be woven into our practice.

Medicine Wheel-Map of Energy Management

Gain Understanding of Medical Wheel
Utilizing a local Medicine Wheel in Sedona, you will gain an understanding of the Medicine Wheel as the Circle of Life. It is a map that orients you to where you are and where you’re headed. It is a tool for personal energy management. The Medicine Wheel is a living entity. By invoking its power and lessons, you invoke Spirit as your Ally. It can be a transformative experience.

Allies & Elementals-what are they and how to work with them.

Know the Strength of Support from Allies
If you are feeling unsupported, feeling like you are all alone, feeling anxious, or afraid, then you need your Allies! Allies can be one of the sources of support for you. When used well, they make the difference in feeling like you’ve got a team at your back ready to help. We will discuss the various Allies and their roles. You will leave feeling like you know how to invoke them when life gets tough.

Native American Pipe Ceremony

Native American Pipe Ceremony
Learn the Sacred Meaning of Native American
This ceremony will explain the sacred meaning of a Native American Pipe Ceremony. The pipe represents the joining of masculine and feminine energies. You do not have to smoke the pipe. We will go through the ceremony, learn the sacred meanings of the bowl and stem, and make prayer requests to the Great Spirit or whatever deity you speak to.

Introduction to the Chakra System

Pipe and the Ceremony
What are chakras? How do they differ from auras? What is their purpose, and how can I use them in my life? Come, learn about these energy centers and how they govern your body. We will discuss each chakra with fun worksheets you can take home with you. Affirmations for each chakra will be shared. You will leave the class with new knowledge and solid ideas for working with the chakras.

I offer customizable sessions for whatever life journey you are currently experiencing.

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