Helping others with healing and connecting to nature

Currently, I reside in the rolling hills of Cornville, south of Sedona. I have lived in four Western states, as well as in Morocco, North Africa. I grew up in Ohio, with an Irish mother and a Palestinian father. I was raised Catholic, but now consider myself a Pantheist, one who sees Spirit in everything. I find my God in my animal brothers and sisters, and my friends from the plant and rock worlds. I am a practicing shaman, having studied the subject since the 1980s. Nature-based ceremonies and rituals are part of my spiritual path leading me to encompass Native American-Zen-Pagan systems.

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Like many people, I have had various careers: I was a teacher on Navajo Land, and abroad, I worked in the aerospace industry, was a docent at the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque specializing in cats, wolves, and raptors, and worked for The Nature Conservancy, the largest environmental organization in the world.

At this time of my life, I resonate with being a guide to open up people’s consciousness as to how they can relate to the earth in sacred companionship. I offer a variety of exercises and wonderful experiences in nature that are designed to assist people in becoming still, balanced, and aware of the assistance the natural kingdoms have to give us. Come, do a Sacred Earth Walk with me and find out how you can co-create a new life with the nature spirits!